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OIL PROJECTS. began operations in 2005 after the members of their  leadership team finished the successful participation in more than four initial start-ups of Crude Upgrader, Medium conversion refinery and Gas processing projects and decided to undertake a career of world-class service for the Oil & Gas industry

Our Personnel.

OIL PROJECTS is constituted by multidisciplinary personnel coming from the Oil & Gas and Petrochemical Industries, with more than 25 years of experience in Management, Operation and Maintenance of high complexity process plants.


The current personnel of OIL PROJECTS played a significant leadership role in training, commissioning, startup, initial operation and coordination of the guarantee test for several projects.  

Future Plans.

At the moment, OIL PROJECTS USA gets ready to confront the big challenges that are framed in the projects from the plan to medium term in Oil Refining, Oil Production, Gas and Petrochemical worldwide, reinforcing its payroll with personnel of high experience, in order to guarantee the quality of the service that has shown so far. Letting to our customer the opportunity to save time and cost, keeping environmental and risk control in operation resulting in added value to them.


Who we are

OIL PROJECTS USA LLC is part of a Service Company’s Group founded in 2005 created to support in the execution of projects for Oil & Gas and Petrochemical Industries worldwide from technical and operational stand points.


Our service capability is related to the projects in the Onshore / Offshore sectors and Upstream and Downstream process facilities.


We work in key areas of an EPC project, supporting Engineering and Construction activities, Pre-commissioning, Commissioning, and Initial Start-up from projects conceptual engineering until process plant steady operation, as well in the training of technical and operational personnel from our Clients.


Year Established



Projects Completed


Personal Capacitated


Engineering & Project Management

  • Support to Project  Management and Service Scope evaluation.

  • Owner Engineer services for FEED and detail engineering.

  • Support for EPC & Turnkey Projects.

  • Construction Management.

  • Support to the Mechanical Completion, Quality control, Startup Engineering, and Field Engineering of the new facilities.

Precommissioning, Commissioning & Initial Startup

  • Commissioning & start-up plan development.

  • Commissioning & start-up plan execution.

  • Field coordination & supervision of operational activities for all disciplines involved.

  • Detailed operational procedures preparation.

Technical & Operational Training.

  • Preparation, coordination, and support of plans & documents related to training.

  • Competency maps for oil refining operators.

  • Training support using dynamic process simulators and field operation.

  • Training support to Engineers, Technicians, Operational and Maintenance personnel.

Operation and Maintenance.

  • Performance Testing and Trouble Shooting.

  • Planning and Advising in plant  turnaround execution.

  • Chemical supply and Technical assistance.

  • Preservation and Preventive Maintenance.

  • Pipe Cleaning Support and Execution.

  • Evaluation of technologies for the oil sludge processing for hydrocarbons recovery.

  • Technical advising and Plant operation for the Oil sludge processing.

  • Technical advising for processing of the used lube oil.

Environmental Projects Advising.

Vendors Coordination.

  • Planning, Coordination and Supervision of the Vendors Technical Assistance for the Construction, Training and Startup stages



  • Extraction Processes.

  • Collecting Systems.

  • Crude measurement.

  • Crude Processing Facilities​.

Crude Oil & Products Movement.

  • Tanks Operation.

  • Jetties or Docks.

  • Fuel trucks loading.

  • Oil Products Pipelines.

  • Distribution Centers.

Gas Pipelines & Gas Compression Plants.

  • Gas Compression Operation Center.

  • Liquid – Gas Separation Systems (Slop Catcher).

  • Multi-stages Compressors.

  • Associate Control systems.

Offshore Platform.

  • Extraction

  • Production,

  • Storage and Release Systems.


  • Separation Processes: Pre-Flash, Atmospheric and Vacuum Distillation.

  • Conversion Processes: Delayed Coker, Naphtha and Diesel Hydrotreating, Catalytic Reforming, Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC), Alkylation.

  • Treatment Processes: Gas treatment with Amines, Sulfur Recovery Units and Merox Units (LPG/Gasoline).


  • Boilers.

  • Cooling Towers.

  • Demi water.

  • Service Water.

  • Wastewater treatment unit.

  • Plant and Instrumentation Air Systems.

  • Relief Systems.


  • Urea and Ammonia Units.

  • BTX Process Units (Benzene, Toluene, Xylene).




Oil Production






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